This is a 2 or 3 day workshop all about accents, how to do them and perfecting them.

  • Day 1 is 11th April and it’s ‘How you can learn to do accents’
  • Day 2 is 12th April and it’s all about perfecting your RP accent
  • Day 3 is 13th April and it’s all about perfecting your American accent

You have a choice on the second day to either specialise in RP accent or American accent. Or you can do all three days if you’d like to.

Venue: Diorama Arts centre, 201 Drummond Street, London NW1 3FE

Timings: 10am till 4.30pm

What’s included? A day working with one of the best vocal coaches in the UK, handouts and also lunch.

Follow link for more information.

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