A Voice for Richard

Event: A Voice for Richard – a chance to hear Yvonne share updates about the ongoing research. Special guests also presenting in the day: Philippa Langley M.B.E. who led the search to find him.

Bridget Foreman, playwright, who looks at clues in Shakespeare’s play that imp he might not have bought into the credibility of his play’s accuracy for the character of King Richard III. Also a taster of a new radio play, based on Josephine Tey’s A Daughter of Time and adapted by local writer, broadcaster and poet, Nigel Forde – with a live performance of extracts delivered by two actors.

       Date: Saturday 27th April 2019 (9.30 registration for 10am – 4.30pm)

       Venue: Friargate Theatre, Lower Friargate, York YO1

      Tickets: £25 from yvonne@yourvoicebox.co.uk or phone 07714 661939

                                         The day will include:

Looking for William Shakespeare’s Richard III: history or hostage video?

    Bridget Foreman is a playwright and Teaching Fellow at the University of York.

A Voice for Richard Pronunciation and personality: building his vocal profile.

    Yvonne Morley-Chisholm is a Voice & Text coach (RNT, RSC, Shakespeare’s Globe)

specialising in vocal profiling.  With Tim Charrington, Accent and Dialect specialist.

Playing Richard How Richard III has been played on stage and on screen.

     Philippa Langley M.B.E. Award-winning writer and producer who led the search for

Richard III.

Daughter of Time Excerpts from an adaptation for Radio (based on Josephine Tey).

By Nigel Forde who is a poet, dramatist and broadcaster.With live performances from actors

Tim Charrington and Mark Burghagen.