Character Voice Work

This innovative and practical approach, developed by Yvonne over a decade ago, explores safe ways to manipulate and actually transform your voice. Workshops are very popular and often sell out well ahead of time. Yvonne is currently writing a book with her approaches to this demanding and exciting field of work for Methuen publishers.

What is it?

A practical workshop to explore safe ways of manipulating your voice from subtle to the more extreme for work on stage, screen or in the studio.

  • Perhaps you want to know how to analyse in detail and then reproduce the voice of a famous person from a recording
  • Perhaps you want to invent and then create voices from scratch for animation, computer games or to demonstrate a wide range of options for a voice reel
  • Perhaps you want to learn more about your vocal instrument and tap into the hidden potentials inside

Whether you want to work in entertaining extremes or to explore subtle changes that serve screen and stage roles with authenticity, this workshop will provide you with a working method.

Workshops Available

Yvonne will take you through a full day of learning, listening and developing new skills. Time will be taken to apply them to both imitating established voices and also creating and inventing from scratch. Using this tried and tested approach you will begin to accurately analyse and then reproducing other voices, heighten your listening skills and create countless voices from scratch. The work will stimulate a huge repertoire of voices for animation, computer games, preparation for a voice reel, or more subtle work for screen or stage work. Group size: 15 maximum
building on day one and on into the recording booth. Group size no more than 7
heightening and refining skills and building on days one and two – the whole day is spent in the studio with a smaller group of no more than 7