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Y vonne has been established as a versatile voice teacher and vocal coach for over thirty years. She has been involved in actor training for a number of drama schools including being Head of the Voice Department for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art until July 2007 when she decided to return to freelance work. She is an Associate with the Royal National Theatre’s Voice Department, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

W ork at home and abroad includes dancers, actors, singers and voice artists. Beyond theatre Yvonne works with journalists, TV and Radio presenters, sports personalities, lawyers, medical specialists, lecturers, teachers and politicians.

H ighly confidential work takes her into the Houses of Parliament She co-wrote “More Care For Your Voice” (publ: VCN) for the Voice Care Network UK which has sold over 11,000 copies to date. She is currently working on two  books: “Building Character Voices – a performers guide” and “In the Beginning …” which explores the power of words.

Y vonne runs workshops regularly for The Showreel, The Actors Centre and The Voice Over Network, and is on the board of directors for Riding Lights Theatre Company, in York. She is a life member of the Voice Care Network UK.


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Yvonne has been running one to one coaching as a trial in recent months. Several aspects of voice, communication skills and accent coaching can be undertaken. Send an email if you are interested.

"I am finding your tuition, guidance and advice so wonderfully helpful and the difference in just a few weeks is absolutely what I needed. I would say remarkable but I know and respect how much the voice needs training and support so I am so glad The Voice Over Network put me in touch with your care and guidance. How lucky I am to have found you!"

Rachael Beresford, Voice Artist

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