Yvonne talks at VCN Annual Study Meeting about A Voice For Richard

By Yvonne / October 19, 2015 / news, Richard III / No Comments

A review by Susan Page, Voice teacher, Surrey: ‘A Voice for Richard’ Richard III the 3 D King! Yvonne Morley enthralled us with the latest updates from her work. Her vibrant presentation detailed the incredible story of how archaeological, scientific and ancestral evidence is being pieced togethe...

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A Voice For Richard – published article

By Yvonne / March 21, 2015 / Press articles, Richard III / No Comments

First published in ‘The Ricardian Bulletin – The magazine of the Richard III Society’ March 2015 A VOICE for Richard YVONNE MORLEY In over 30 years of training voices for actors and public speakers alike, I never cease to marvel at the power of the spoken word. The written word ...

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A Voice For Richard

By Yvonne / December 6, 2014 / Blog Posts, Richard III / 1 Comment

A Voice For Richard Whoever said “History is the version told by the winning side” had a point. It is deeply hurtful to be misquoted, disbelieved or, worse still, to have reputation put on the line through unjust accusation and fabrication of the truth. In the case of the last Plantagenet King: R...

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