Client Testimonials

It was such a brilliant experience. I want to thank you for your UNBELIEVABLE generosity and care. I felt safe and inspired in every moment. Actor Y

Actor on workshop Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

"...I've witnessed the results and I'm very impressed. I've never seen anyone take on board feedback and improve as fast as [the on-camera presenter] did and that is a testament to your ability." David Thompson of DT Productions for Google

I just wanted to say you have such an amazing ability as a teacher to encourage, support and help explore - as well as the wealth of knowledge that you give out. It’s a rare quality and I just wanted to say thank you

Excellent. Practical, good tips; easy to put into practice.

Excellent. Made me consider the way in which I use my voice. How/why I need to preserve it. Found the breathing and “de-stressing” information / exercises helpful.

Excellent. It fulfilled the objectives. Well presented and interesting and relevant.

Excellent experise and presenting skils

Excellent, enjoyable, interesting, practical, relevant and very useful. Something that I can make use of every lesson, every day.

Excellent. Great balance between practical exercises and information

The practical exercises as well as the science of voice were fantastic. ...(Yvonne) had so much knowledge. I have lots of practical exercises to take home and will stop abusing my voice in ways I didn’t realise I was doing.

Very good. Taught an old dog new tricks. Making clear examples of good practice.


Clear materials. Excellent and engaging presentation. Excellent subject knowledge.

workshop atendee teachers and lecturers

Very interesting - Yvonne delivered the workshop brilliantly - with humour! Very positive!

workshop atendee teachers and lecturers

Very clear communication of a very complex subject

workshop atendee teachers and lecturers

I have experienced presentation skills before but this was in a league of its own

Senior Manager Babcock Engineering

One of the best learning experiences I’ve had

Senior Leadership training

The voice work was a Eureka moment

Senior Leadership training

The personal evaluation helped enormously

Senior Leadership training

Yvonne Morley ... a terrific voice coach

Rt. Hon. Jack Straw M.P. Last Man Standing



The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (Head of the Voice Dept.)
ARTTS International
Elmhurst Ballet School
Drama Studio London
International Bible Institute of London
Royal National Theatre
Young Vic
Palladium Theatre
Rose Theatre, Kingston
Regional Theatre (various)
Theatre Royal, York
Mersey Television
BBC Panorama
BBC Newsnight
BBC (various)
BBC Radio 4 – The Today Programme
A.D. Cox Productions
Hatikvah Film Trust
University Minnesota / Guthrie Theatre
Florida State University
Boston University
Imperial College (London)

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The Labour Party
Local government (3 main parties)
Barclays Capital
Bath Consultancy
The McKinsey Company
WPP Group
Lloyds / TSB
Directing Creativity
The Post Office
Prudential Insurance
London Business School
Allen and Overy, Solicitors
Kroda International
Clyde and Co, Solicitors
East Yorkshire Health Authority
Baker & McKenzie, Solicitors
Environment Training Services
BNP Parabas

Spoken Word Project, Rose Theatre, Kingston
Institute for The Spoken Word, Kingston University

Institute of Education, London University
Voice Care Network UK
School of the Arts, Northampton University
The Clod Ensemble
Arts Centre Group
Kensington Palace
Hampton Court Palace