Recently, Yvonne was featured in an article written by Catherine Paver on tesconnect website. It talks about the importance of vocal training for teachers.

“Right, class. Quiet – cough – QUIET! Croak.”

Vocal training is not a mandatory part of initial teacher training, but it should be: teachers use their voices for more hours in the day than actors and singers, yet we barely notice that voice until it starts to hurt.

Vocal training coughs outside the door of the white paper, The Importance of Teaching, but only gets close to a mention. The document sees “the teacher as our society’s most valuable asset” and wants us to “interact successfully in the classroom”. “Managing poor behaviour” and “a significant strengthening of teachers’ authority in the classroom” point to one thing: learn how to use your voice. After all, what good are “empathy, communication and resilience” if you keep losing your voice?

You can read the full article by clicking on the link below:


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