Vocal Intensive workshop with Yvonne Morley – Rachael Beresford

My primary motive for attending this workshop was to have some ‘refresher’ training. In brutal honesty I hadn’t attended any concentrated vocal training on my voice since drama school over a decade (and a bit) ago. Yes I did warm ups, yes I read books and enjoyed tongue twisters in my childish glee, but purely training, exercising and strengthening my instrument I hadn’t dedicated time to specifically.

When I found out that VON were running a vocal intensive workshop with the legendary Yvonne Morley I signed up. The workshop exceeded all my expectations.

Inspiring, engaging and motivational

Firstly Yvonne is the most natural tutor. Within moments you are at ease listening to her and her wealth of knowledge and experience and understanding oozes from her. Yvonne is inspiring, engaging and motivational.

Spending a day with like-minded professionals is also uplifting and we had lots of fun albeit hard work! I was physically uplifted and although very tired, truly motivated by the end of the day.

This day takes you on a vocal journey of discovery looking deeply at all elements of body, breath, voice and speech. Although you are in a group, what you gain from it is very personal to you and your voice and your needs.

New confidence

A few months later after doing my exercises at least four times a week I can vouch for the difference. Not only has my vocal stamina improved, but my resonance, pitch and tone has new levels. Having a deeper understanding of my voice and dedicating time to it has given me a new confidence. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training and I don’t believe we should be using our voices daily professionally without this type of vocal training either.

This course is a must, particularly for those in gaming or audiobooks like myself. Learning the science and the techniques to protect and provide are invaluable. I strongly recommend everyone attends, even if you think you know your voice, there is always more to learn, strengthen and experience.

And my favourite tongue twister of the day? Six fiddling pigs sat in a pit and fiddled……..

Vocal Intensive workshop with Yvonne Morley

By Rachael Beresford

Rachael Beresford is a British Voice Over Artist and Actress with over 15 years experience. Engaging, passionate and enthusiastic with a love of Tudor History, chocolate and books. She can be heard narrating audiobooks for Audible and Amazon. Visit www.rachaelberesford.com to find out more or follow on Twitter at @rachiehanm

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