Article written by Lorraine Ansell, an attendee of a recent accent workshop by Yvonne Morley:

In June, a brave group of pioneering folk set forth into unknown territory armed with only a mirror and their vocal cords. The arena was a three day accent workshop with the AHHH-MAZING (zone 4 – but more of that later) Yvonne Morley – vocal coach to the stars of theatre, stage and film as well as former Head of Voice at LAMDA. As we turned up that Thursday morning jabbering away with each other (well we are voice over artists), we were excited at the prospect of decoding accents. Many of us do it so naturally and if like me you can speak a few languages then the prospect of figuring out how that happens was intriguing. We were soon putting our mouths, mirrors and brains to good use. This wasn’t just voice theory, this was a vocal onslaught of mind expanding proportions.….


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